I am the Mama to five amazing babes.  34 years old living in a small town in Ontario an hour away from where The Papa and I grew up . We live in a 100 year old house where I spend my days with the babes, our bunny and puppy, Peppermint, homeschooling, cooking, dreaming, creating, exploring nature.

At the first full moon of the year 2017, I launched my business ivy & wren.  ivy & wren is dedicated to the literal and figurative mess in becoming a Mama. Our journeys may be our own, but they are similar. Full of love but sometimes consumed by chaos. Maintaining ourselves as individuals while supporting the growth of our littles, is a blessing but difficult navigation. It is a task that we share but one with little guidance and an adventure that we have undertaken without understanding. My goal is to hopefully inspire and share the truth in its beauty.  

With the birth of my first babe, I found myself. There was a renewed interest in my love of art and creativity. There also emerged a desire to parent naturally and educate myself in birthing arts. With each subsequent birth of my babes, my desire to nurture mamas in their prenatal and postpartum journeys through emotional support and art took hold of my heart. This blog began as a way to journal of my day-to- day experience of loving, nurturing, educating, laughing and raising babes.  

Mamahood begins with the first sweet breaths of a babe. The little baby bird falls into your nest.  It is woven with love, nurturance, joy through each small movement of their fresh wings. The baby bird blesses the day with fragility and purity and fills your heart. It swells and grows. You become inspired.

My babes have inspired me. Their love of nature is profound and deep. Their love for each other is wild and free. Their love of creating is untainted and awe full. It is through my babes that I wish to honour their lives through my craft of creating.